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Intuitive Trance-Formations

You are cordially invited to participate in the Emotional Freedom and Recovery Support Group Series ®.

How Do You Cope when life hits you with unexpected circumstances, tribulations, traumatic events, and relationships or work related difficulties?

What Tools Do You Have to be able to get going, or function in your daily life?

Where Do You Go to find relief and calmness? How do you deal with overwhelm and despair?

Where Do You Find the inner resources and strengths needed to keep on living a normal life and recover from something overpowering?

We seek to feel normal and confident but we can’t do it alone; we need a Coach That Understands and Has the Expertise to guide and empower us to be ourselves again and successfully recover our stability, serenity and confidence.

THAT EXPERT COACH IS ME!   Dr. Leticia Montiel

I Am Here to Help You release anxiety, fear, loss, being stuck, and grief; anything that stops you and hold you back.

I Am Here to Help You recover your confidence, serenity, creativity, strength and motivation.

These group sessions are created With You in Mind. Affordable, Pleasant and Convenient.

Low cost, safe environment, empowering, transformative, and 100% focused on your needs.

You will ALWAYS leave feeling empowered, motivated and supported.

You will leave with tools and resources to continue the process we work on each session, feeling better and better each day.

I am 100% committed to your well-being, are you?

So come, sign up, love yourself and heal your heart.

Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity before we sell out the spaces.


Groups are in Spanish and English

They might be mixed or gender specific

Each group session will focus on one particular issue.

Sessions vary from 90 minutes to 3 hours.

Each session is only $50.00 (you get a 65% discount.) Pre-Paid Only.

Includes “homework” assignments and some special gifts.

Location to be announced upon sign up. Look up the calendar for dates.

Look here for more specifics and to sign up.

     I am here to offer you effective and long lasting resources with a variety of healing modalities in Workshop and or Seminar format to assist you in succeeding and accomplishing goals and desires on your Personal, Spiritual, And Emotional Growth so you can live a self-fulfilling and joyful life.
    I offer a variety of Classes, Seminars, Workshops Trainings, and Meet Ups through the
Inner Evolutionary Growth Workshop©Series that are designed to further assist you in your quest and desire to explore, develop, expand, and enhance your abilities, your intuition, raise your consciousness and awareness and learn how to follow your inner guidance.
    I am here to assist you to discover the magnificence that you hold within so you can maximize your healing potential restoring your soul’s balance, harmony, and peace.

Do you SENSE things?          Do you HEAR things?
Do you RECEIVE MESSAGES in dreams?
Do you SEE things?              Do you just KNOW things?
Do These “THINGS?” Scare You? 

Discover what you really are, how to manage this “THING”, safely, reconnect with the essence of your being and let go of fear and confusion.

Take control of all this and live safely, empowered and in control.

This is an experiential class where you will walk away with effective, unique tools.


Police Department; Sheriff Department; California Highway Patrol; Fire Department;

First Responders; ICU Nurses; Armed Forces,

and everyone who faces a similar stressful, overwhelming  job.

I notice what you endure; what you go through; I've seen how hard it is to cope sometimes. I noticed the anger building up, and it has nowhere to go but...

I wish to offer my assistance to give you simple and effective tools that you can apply to cope, release, and recover from the stress, and heavy load of your daily situations.

You can do this in 5 minutes in your patrol car, ambulance or motorcycle, your station, or wherever you need a moment to let go and re-center yourself.

I wish for you to be able to function as best as possible; to face your work day in a more centered manner, and to be able to take off the heaviness, the frustration, anger and pain of the day just as you take of the uniform and gear.

I wish for you to be able to enjoy yourself, your family, your life, as simply as you, in comfort and ease.

I wish for you to experience appreciation instead of fear. 

I wish for you to feel satisfied and proud of the job you do for all of us.

Allow me the privilege to assist you by giving you a therapeutic, simple and powerful tool you'll carry with you on your fingertips. 

 Come spend an hour with me; bring your partner, bring the crew! and let's explore what affects you and release it. Then you'll be able to handle it easier, every day.

You DO NOT have to spill your guts! No need for that, it can be totally content free, just state what is affecting you, and boom, done.

And you don't have to pay my regular fees, I'll be happy with a Love Donation to cover rent expenses and, even a Mocha will do. 

Let me show you how much I appreciate, understand and care.

     What Your Numbers Say About You and Your Life and How to Apply the Knowledge to Live in Harmony.

     So what is Numerology? It is a metaphysical science similar to astrology.  Numerology deals with how numbers influence people and astrology uses the planets, sun and moon. Numerology is very easy to learn.

     The power of numbers influences our entire life.

Many significant inferences are made out from the birth date we are born on, numerological value of our name, the number of the house we reside in, numbers of the people we relate to, the important years in our life etc.

    Numerology provides direction and clarity on the reasons you made choices and how and what to do.​​

​​​CAN YOU TRULY SAY THIS? No More Sad or Lonely Holidays!

Most likely not, if you are heartbroken and miserable because you miss your partner and feel that life is not worth living, and keep wondering: will there be love in my life again?

     What if you find the best reason for living faster than you think?

What would it be like if you found that you are capable of enjoying a life filled with more joy, happiness, vitality, fun and even find time to play after a breakup or loss?

What would it be like IF you could just get over it already?

 What if  among the terms that define people's status - single, separated, divorced, widowed-,  you find the one that's missing,  and your status were now Joyful?

Do you think it is possible to feel joy and satisfaction spending time with yourself, free from sorrow, resentment and loneliness, then being capable of wisely choosing when to get into a fulfilling and joyful relationship again?

It IS possible. Come! Sign up for the program!

This is your opportunity to feel great about you, to once again enjoy your freedom, to cherish your life, and
to joyfully embrace that amazing person you have not yet discovered…. YOU!

It can REALLY HAPPEN for you NOW!

What if… you find out how to create an awesome inner space to Start New, Empowered, Satisfied and Loving Life?

I would like to ENLIGHTEN you, SHOW you how, COACH you, and WATCH you TRANSFORM into a HAPPY, satisfied individual.
I want to SHARE how I came about into appreciating, discovering, and JOYFULLY enjoying myself after a divorce.

I am opening space for a
Few Special Individuals who are ready to dive into Fulfilling Happiness.
Will You Be One of them?

This Transformative Program includes:

 1.    8 Empowering and Effective Skill Sets to Get You to Succeed.

2.   90 Minutes of Coaching and Support Within The Group Setting Each Week. 
(only 8 people per group)

3.    Interactive Coaching and Processing

4.    15 Minute Personal Coaching

5.    Guided Visualizations to Listen to Every Day

6.    Recommendations for Enjoyable and Empowering Activities

The Regular investment for this 8 week Transformative Program is $975.00

I am Running a Special through the end of April '17.  Only $595.00 if paid in full at registration time.

Sign up  before it's sold out.

Inner Evolutionary Growth  Workshop Series ©

Have you ever considered that the death process happens on both sides of “life”?

A human consciousness or “self” has to first “die” in the intermediate, transitional realm or state of existence between two lives on earth where it goes after it releases the physical body, in order to become merged again into this realm. Pregnancy and birth preparations are conscious and in some cases include extensive, spiritual processes such as midwifery or shamanic practices, some –as is the majority- are just “done” as a staple process in hospitals.

Likewise, we should consider the process of death in the same conscious way. Preparing ourselves most effectively with the assistance of wise ones, to do the best possible work when facing the transition of “rebirth” into the Spiritual World.

According to Tibetan Tradition, after death and before one's next birth, when one's consciousness is not connected with a physical body, one experiences a variety of phenomena. This is referred to as the Bardo.

For the prepared and appropriately trained individuals, the Bardo offers a state of great opportunity for liberation.

For others, it can become a place of danger as the karmically created hallucinations can impel one into a less than desirable rebirth.

The concept of Bardo is extensive and requires a lot of training and studying. This is just a brief illustration of this tradition.

 We do not know when our last day in this physical realm will be.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to make a conscious decision to get “prepared” as best as possible so our "rebirth" into the Spirit World becomes a wonderful opportunity to heal, release unnecessary “baggage”, hopefully leave the earth with a clean slate to prepare our “self “for the next lifetime as a more enlightened being?

We need to help our loved ones to do this with love, acceptance and awareness.

Thou it is a sad and painful situation to endure, holding our loves ones’ soul/spirit entangled in our grief, prevents them to go through their necessary process with ease.

We need to come into a space of loving, conscious acceptance of the “Circle of Life” both for ourselves and our loved ones, and be physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually prepared before a departure from the physical plane.

This is a big part of being a healer.

 Let’s get together and explore, educate and enlighten ourselves together into this magnificent process.

Basic/Beginners workshops are offered throughout the year.

This ties up very well with the Sacred Mexican Day of the Dead Tradition.

 Contact me if you are interested in deepening your Spiritual Awareness and healing abilities.

How many times during the day or week do you say to yourself: I Shouldn’t Eat This… But I Just Can’t Stop!!!

Aren’t you tired of bingeing, feeling guilty and trying your willpower with no results?

​How's your"NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION"  for weight loss working out for you?

What if I gave you a tool to accomplish your desires Easily, Effortlessly, and Simply that stays with you permanently?
Want to treat yourself with something everlasting? HERE YOU HAVE IT!!

Gain freedom from food cravings,
Love your life again,
Enjoy eating healthy.

Restore your confidence! 

My method helps you switch the cravings for fattening or unhealthy stuff and simply choose healthier foods and drinks effortlessly and easily, turning this transformation into an unconscious and permanent behavior.

Combining two very simple yet powerful techniques along with my own gift, I am here to present them to you in a “Fun-Shop”.

I Can Help You Manage “This Thing” And Get You On The Road To Being On Your Perfect Weight And Shape.

As part of a 4 module weight management program, this “Fun-Shop” is offered to you as a standalone segment. 

No obligation, no strings attached.

This “2.5 Hour Fun-Shop” is offered at a discounted Special rate of  only $65.00  for a paid pre-registration before May 15th '17. 

The standard fee for this is $95.00.

Materials included.




This is offered to adults only.

Children under 13 and teens are offered a separate “Fun-Shop”.

Then go ahead and RSVP.  My request: Pre-Register to show that you are really honoring your RSVP