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Ear coning

I have family members who have had ear coning session with Dr. Leticia, and they have all been very pleased and surprised with the results. I personally have had itching in my ears for many years and decided to have this procedure done. I was very surprised myself with the results. I will be scheduling another session in the near future. People go to the dentist every 6 months for a check-up and teeth cleaning. Ear coning should be treated in the same way. Ear coning is a relaxing experience and I recommend it to everyone.
Posted by: Ben Liebrand
Date Posted: May 7, 2007

Ear coning

Before I came to Dr. Leticia for the Ear Coning procedure I was very skeptical about the end results. I had heard about Ear Coning before but never really believed that it actually worked. Recently I decided to give it a try and was totally shocked with the end results. For the past few years I have had problems hearing out of both of my ears but now I can hear a lot better and they just feel clean and clear. I will definitely be scheduling another appointment and recommend Dr. Leticia to anyone with the same issues. I am a believer now that I have seen it with my own eyes. Thank you for the help! It has made hearing a lot more pleasant!

Posted by: Angela Liebrand
Date Posted: March 29, 2007


Dog Whisperer

"I hired Dr. Leticia to help a dog I rescued who has defied all medical treatment for an ear infection.
Dr. Leticia was able, somehow to communicate with my animal and help him understand that I was not an abuser like the other owners had been.
She worked with him on many occasions and somehow knows when my animal is distressed --calling me to let me know what was causing my animal distress.
As a healer, Dr. Leticia has worked with my animal on many occasions, helping this lovely older animal deal with a world that is very different from where he was rescued, using the power of laying on of hands (a.k.a. prayer) and had helped this rescue heal from infection and emotional scars.
Dr. Leticia is gentle with the animals and very competent.
Her methods are out-of- the-box, innovative and safe.
She has worked very well with my household in teaching them how to handle my animal with such deep emotional scaring. Dr. Leticia is patient, kind and a very good value.
since Dr. Leticia was able to cut to the emotional causation of the issues, she has saved me untold money in veterinary (Veterinarians are good by the way) costs.
If you have an animal with an "issue" that has defied all your interventions, call Dr. Leticia--she will help.
Dr. Jeanne Munsell, D.D."

Year hired: 2011 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

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Intuitive Trance-Formations

My healing experience.

Dr Leticia Montiel was so helpful.

I was feeling very sad not wanting to live anymore experiencing paranormal activity.

I was able to talk to Dr Leticia and she helped me let go of an attached spirit.

I really want to thank and recommend Dr. Leticia.


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Ear coning

I just wanted to say thank you for the ear coning session. I was very happy with the results and the way you handled everything. You do a great job with visualization and talking me through the process. I will be scheduling another appointment with you soon to get the process done again as you suggested. I have told family and friends about ear coning as well. Thank you very much!

Posted by: Mark Liebrand

Date Posted: April 25, 2007

Leticia, went through the Life Purpose Discovery process that I facilitate, so she is Purpose driven and understands why she is here for both her Self and for humanity. She is a phenomenal human BEing that shares her wisdom, guidance, and insights for your benefit.

Al DiazType your paragraph here.

She has so much knowledge
Wow, this was great!!! Leticia is such an amazing person and a great teacher. She has so much knowledge and the ability to help people like me understand...I would recommend this to everyone I know.

Posted by: Magaly

Leticia is a very kind spirit. I have known her for a couple of years now and has taught me how to trust in my intuition and how to use Gestalt techniques when healing emotions and other somatic problems. I also hear she does Shamanic trainings and groups.

Posted by: Mr Medina

 I feel wonderful experience last week.

Thank you so much for giving me pure energy.
I still feel my hands has pure vibration. 

See you again.

March 2015

Awakened to the very empowering ability to accept me, for me.

The integrity of Leticia Montiel is admirable. Her work is not only safe but soothing and her discipline in following through with her commitments is impeccable.

Leticia's work is a 10. Her experience and ability to intuit what is necessary to produce results is exciting.

    When I met Leticia Montiel I sensed a deep awareness within her, in fact it was that sense that drew me to approach her.

I remember saying to her that I could sense something great in her and she looked at me as if she knew what I was feeling. I knew at that moment that she possesses a unique and rare insight into the nature of people.

Through our conversations and our work together I have come to a place in my life where I am able to accept myself for all that I am. To often we give our power away to others, whether it be a person, place or thing, a concept, creed or credential.

And this has been the story of my life, living in fear and doubt of myself, giving my mind over to ideas that were never my own, unknowingly abusing my heart in ways only a blind man can. But through my interactions with Leticia Montiel I have realized and awakened to the very empowering ability to accept me for me in every way, shape and form.

She has been an indispensable aid in my development as an empowered human being and her ability to be professional and a friend at the same time is a true blessing.

I have experienced emotional, mental, and physical healing with her. And I will say that she has a powerful connection to nature.

She appreciates the life within the wilderness of creation in a way that I have yet to find in many others.

That to me is a sign of great intelligence. You see, when one can look into the sky, when one can feel the elements of life the way Leticia does, the way I do, and to be able to share that with another, and feel the consciousness that permeates all created things, well… such an awareness is grand and awesome beyond description. 

Adam Ortiz  08/12

She has a wealth of experience

When I called Self Help, I had just left an 11 year relationship and was done with traditional talk therapy. I needed something different. After reading all of the reviews, I called and spoke with Armando. I told him the type of person I wanted to become and why I was seeking help. He placed me with Dr. Leticia Montiel, who didn't have many reviews on here so I wondered how this would go, but I was open to it.

I started my time with Self Help the first week of October. It's now towards the end of November, and words can't express how amazing my time with Dr. Montiel has been and the progress I've made in just 5 sessions with her. The relationship I was in was very unhealthy, and I had tried to end it before--going to traditional talk therapy to help me through it, but approximately 1 month with Dr. Montiel and I just feel like a weight has been lifted / drawn out from me--an emotional weight that I had been carrying for about the last 7 years of that relationship.

Hypnotherapy felt a bit awkward at first, but if you give yourself fully to it and do the homework, it helps tremendously. Trust the process. I can't explain how after a session, you leave thinking differently. Then you go home, sleep on it, and the next day, it is as though you have internalized the session and you just feel the world is better, brighter, and different after each session. Of course, it takes work, so you have to be committed to growing and doing the homework and following through. You don't go in and talk about everything wrong in your life. Instead, Dr. Montiel helped me pinpoint and hyper focus on the root cause of whatever it is I wanted to work on, improve or let go. She has a wealth of experience and her approach is so gentle / natural / comforting. I felt like I was talking to a friend who was so committed to my well-being and was eager to help me transform. Each minute of your session is definitely put to good use. Armando is also super responsive, so overall, my experience with Self-Help has been extremely positive.

Doing this type of therapy and working with Dr. Montiel has helped me improve the quality of my life, and I feel it can only continue to get better from here. Looking forward to more sessions. :)


Beautiful Human Being

Dr. Leticia is truly a beautiful human being.
I am blessed to have this woman in my life.
She has been nothing but understanding, supportive, and extremely helpful.
When I’ve needed a wakeup call to realization she was right there shedding light onto what my heart wouldn’t see.
I was a bit skeptical at first having a very strict catholic upbringing, but she told me something about myself that I had never told anyone else about.
Safe to say I believed her powers after that and I trust her whole heartedly.
She genuinely cares about the well being of others and there are too few in this world like her.
If you're smart you will let her help you! She has helped me numerous times.
Thank You Dr. Leticia, Blessed Be!

Feb 2015

She always has the best intentions

I've had the pleasure of working with Leticia and I can say that she is one of the most trustworthy, honest, purest people around. She always has the best intentions and puts out incredible positive energy. She is extremely professional and very good at her craft. You will not be disappointed if you have a session with her and will see for yourself an incredible transformation that will open before you eyes.

Thank you Leticia for always being so respectful, passionate and absolutely the best at everything you do.

Posted by: Marii Kroutilin