I am a Certified Spiritual Counselor through the American Board of Hypnotherapy since 1998. The training included a lot of hands-on experiential exercises on how to open your intuition, understanding and defining your own special intuitive talents or gifts for any of the “clairs” perception, perceiving or receiving angelic or spiritual guidance, channeling either healing energy, similar to Reiki, or messages, how to read personal objects, tarot or divination cards, etc.

These intuitive aspects of healing and Trance-Formation ® are inevitably present and actively taking place during my sessions at the subconscious level facilitating a unique integration and transformative process at many levels of consciousness and awareness.

I combine this knowledge with my Hypnotherapy, NLP, Shamanism, and EFT training to provide you with a unique therapeutic experience.

To consistently receive accurate and reliable psychic guidance, it's important to learn how to recognize true psychic wisdom from mere wishful or fearful thinking. Once you understand these differences, you'll more confidently follow your psychic guidance's lead.

I teach several workshops on topics such as:

Are You Psycho Or Are You Psychic?

Do you SENSE things?    Do you HEAR things?

Do you RECEIVE MESSAGES in dreams?

Do you SEE things?         Do you just KNOW things?

Do These “THINGS?” Scare You?

You Can Relax NOW!  I Have The Perfect Solution.  Come To My Funshop,

And Let’s Find Out Together What An Amazing Ability You Have And Get You To Be At Peace With It.
I will teach you what to do and how you get to “Play” with your full potential, and discover even more “Gifts” and ways to apply them in your life!

Discover What You Really Are, How To Manage This “Thing”, Safely Reconnect With The Essence Of Your Being And Let Go Of Fear and Confusion.

 Take Control Of All This And Live Safe, Empowered And In Control. This Is An Experiential Class Where You Will Walk Away With Effective, Unique Tools.

​Every person has four methods, or channels, for receiving psychic communication:

We tend to receive psychic guidance through the same communication channels that we use during our everyday experiences.

For example, if you mostly focus on what you see going on around you during your daily activities, you have a visual orientation and are likely to receive psychic guidance clairvoyantly.

However, if you usually pay attention to the sound of people's voices, music, and noises, your orientation is auditory.

You'd receive clairaudient psychic guidance other people experience the world through their emotions and senses, and these feeling-oriented people would receive clairsentient psychic guidance.

Those who focus upon the underlying messages and meanings of their experiences are more cognitive-oriented. Their psychic guidance would come as claircognizant thoughts and knowledge.

1. “Clairaudience," which means "clear hearing," involves hearing guidance inside your mind's ear or outside your head.

2.  "Clairvoyance," meaning, "clear seeing," brings psychic guidance in the form of still pictures or miniature movies in your mind's eye or outside yourself

3.  "Claircognizance," or "clear knowing," means suddenly knowing information for a fact, without knowing how you know.

4.  "Clairsentience," which means "clear feeling," or receiving psychic guidance as an emotion or a physical sensation such as a smell, taste, or touch.

I also teach a workshop on how to create a personal

Protective Talisman

Spiritual Counseling

Intuitive Trance-Formations

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