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Intuitive Trance-Formations

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“Shamanism is an ancient wisdom tradition in which we learn and experience from our own individual, collective and personal experiences. It is neither a faith, nor a religion and is dogma-free.”

 I am a channel capable of opening portals to gently and safely release entities, attachments, and unwanted energetic patterns, creating a space of healing, freedom and harmony. I combine several techniques and my intuition to achieve the connection specific to your needs.

      I am a certified practitioner of the “Pachakuti Mesa Tradition”.

   Because I believe I am connected to an unlimited Spiritual resource system I summon the Celestial Wisdom that brings into balance all my thoughts, words, and deeds. I set a clear intention to be the access point to open pathways or portals that will bring about the shift you need as a foundation of balance.

I am operating from a place of reverence as I allow the Universal Council to present all experiences and perceptions for you to achieve transformation into a level for your highest good so you can integrate more efficiently, have more power, and joyfully and freely express your true Self.

 Do you have negative thoughts or behaviors that have persisted all your life? Do you have a feeling that these thoughts are not yours, and
youhave tried everything possible to change with no avail?

On a psychic level, you could be holding onto energies, entities, behavior patterns, habits, addictions, and confusion from generation to generation or an entire ancestral history of the wrong kind that you don’t want. This could even reinforce or produce depression, mental imbalances and cravings that don’t really belong to you. You could also have picked up undesirable energies or entities attachments from places you visit or live, and this could be very perplexing.

The practice of Shamanism helps you uncover and release the accumulated dense energy of patterns of false beliefs, blocks, and restrictions, both conscious or unconscious, from your bodies (spiritual, mental, emotional, energy, and physical) whether they are a result of situations from this lifetime or a past one, and it may very well lead us all the way down through your Ancestral Lineage.

Karma Clearing involves healing and releasing you from any energetic unconscious connection to your ancestors' limiting beliefs, patterns, unresolved emotional issues, blockages, or trauma. All the emotional patterns are passed down through generations thus affecting and influencing your current life, blocking your access to your inner power, the unlimited possibilities you have available and a wealth of joy and abundance.

This Karmic healing process reaches your prior agreements to others and your own concepts, your ancestral generations and your future descendants through time and space, causing a ripple effect of healing for the past, the present, and the future.

Most likely, your ancestors will thank you and assist you in this process. As we do this clearing work,
we are literally changing yours and their past along time lines and assisting in the creation of the new Earth.

A basic principle of shamanism is the belief that everything has a spirit and is alive. The tree, the plant, the rock, the water, the air, the sun, the crystal, the drum, the rattle. Everything! And as humans, we are in a position of equality and reverence for all life. Shamans follow the laws of spirits and strive to live in harmony and balance.

The practice of shamanism is not easy to define. "Shamanism," is a term that comes from a Siberian tribal word for its practitioners.
Shamanic work quickens physical emotional and spiritual recoveries, making your life improve much faster.

Shamanism offers immediate relief to those suffering from any form of pain from abuse, trauma or injury. You may meet an ancestor or some of your own helping spirits who can provide you wisdom and a sense of comfort and wellbeing assisting to restore your sense of power and self-worth, giving you renewed strength in your daily life.

Shamanism addresses the spiritual components of illness making other forms of treatment more effective. This is why Shamanism is sometimes portrayed as a means of performing miracle healings.

 "As practitioners of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition ceremonial shamanism we took an oath (made a “compacto”), to walk a beauty path of life-affirming service to Pachamama.”

Walking this good Earth with healing grace in heart and body, we have learned to trustingly embrace the wonderfully unpredictable nature of life as a sacred ally, teacher and beloved friend.
As Shamanic practitioners we live in a world where the belief is that the Creator is not separate from the Creation, Heaven is not separate from Earth, and Spirit and matter infuse each other. The shaman does not believe in a division between the body and the spirit, or between the visible world of form and the invisible world of energy.

Shamanism is the key to assist in the process of harmonizing your energies.

During a Shamanic session, I start the process by helping you tune in to the Light within you, that which comes from the Divine Creator of the Source energy. Then we ground your energy into the Earth and circulate it through your energy bodies. This process of connecting energies helps you to be in a higher vibrational and receptive state of trance.

Depending on your specific needs at the time, I may include or use other processes and some of my personal allies and “tools” such as EFT, NLP, Ho’oponopono, and IDT, to enhance the effectiveness of the session.

 The heart of the Universe is God/Goddess; The All there is. This spiritual Source is the reality that moves through, within, and around me as a "unique” expression of God/Goddess sent here to assist all in realizing their true Being-ness. This is the basis of my spiritual belief, and is the reason I do this sacred work with a compassionate heart and loving waves of gratitude for the blessed opportunity to be of service.