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Intuitive Trance-Formations

Inner Evolutionary Growth  Workshop Series  ©

I offer a variety of classes, seminars, workshops and Meet Ups within the © Inner Evolutionary Growth Workshop Series.

Intuitive Trance-Formations  ©

With the use of NLP, EFT, Time Techniques, Hypnotic trance and other therapeutic modalities which may include Shamanic and Energy Healing, I  guide and coach you on your healing journey to assist you in achieving your goals, release emotional baggage, understanding and or improving your talents and abilities, and empower yourself into a wonderful and satisfying transformation.

I devote myself 100 percent to each session and I may use any of my tools (see about me) and intuition as I see it’s needed and within the scope of my practice through the  “IntuitiveTrance-Formation TM ” techniques I developed.

A light trance is that in which you can see, hear, touch and smell experiences in the worlds which border ours. In those trance states these journeys will feel similar to a fantasy or daydream and you may wonder if it is real, or just your imagination.

A session with me may not be the ordinary session you may expect. One thing I believe and know is that transformation WILL happen as you open yourself to the endless possibilities that life has to offer you, and no two sessions are ever the same.

I guide and assist you to achieve a deep connection with your inner self or selves, either the part that is in charge of your health-physical-emotional-or-spiritual- or the part that is running a program that no longer works for you, and with care, integrity, compassion, and understanding, assist you in negotiating a transformation that will empower you in the long run. You will  take with you tools and skills that will last and improve your life no matter what you are currently dealing with.